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Thai food is internationally famous. It is the culmination of all the variety of foods from the four regions of Thailand, Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern.Thai cuisine is the national cuisine blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known. The tastes of modern-day Thailand boast an ancient history. As early as the thirteenth-century, the Thai people had established what might be considered the heart of Siamese cuisine as we know it today: various types of meat and seafood combined with local vegetables, herbs and spices such as garlic and pepper, and served with rice. Thai cuisine is designed to stimulate and excite the five senses: sour, hot, sweet, salty and neutral.The meal is planned so that textures, flavors, and food balance each other.

Thai meals typically consist of a single dish if eating alone, or rice with many complementary dishes served concurrently and shared by all. It is customary to serve more dishes than there are guests at a table. Ideally, eating Thai food is a communal affair involving two or more people, principally because the greater the number of diners the greater the number of dishes ordered. Generally speaking, two diners order three dishes in addition to their own individual plates of rice. A Thai family meal will normally consist of rice with several dishes which form a harmonious contrast of ingredients and preparation methods. Thai food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices. Common herbs include cilantro, lemongrass, basils and mint. Some other common flavours in Thai food come from ginger, galangal, tamarind, turmeric, garlic, soy beans, shallots, white and black peppercorn, kaffir lime and, of course, chilies. This would be followed by sweet desserts. The fork, held in the left hand, is used to push food into the spoon. The spoon is then brought to the mouth.

The most important thing to remember when eating Thai foods is to enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to try new and different dishes. To ensure that our food tastes just right, those items on the menu marked may be prepared with varying degrees of chilli (). Since everyone has different limits, we offer you the following guide.

GF                 Gluten Free

(Extra spicy available upon request)
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